Chocolate Cashew Mylk

My two growing (at an alarming rate) boys are one of the biggest motivating forces for me to get into the kitchen and produce nourishing and filling snacks and treats. It completely astounds me at how much they can consume some days  and if I had a rand for every time I hear “Mum I am hungry” I would probably be able to buy a round the world flight by now! Well – maybe not – but almost!

Whilst no one in our family is sensitive to dairy we only use plant based milk in our cereals, porridge and baking – and I could go in depth here as to why but suffice to say that if you ever have the time to visit a dairy farm you may also decide to make this move. With so many decent tasty and cost effective plant based milks around there is no reason to drink milk from a cow (unless you are having a lush coffee on a sidewalk in Paris on holiday of course 😉 Even the decent dairies with best practice are pretty grim – the female cows are milked to death – have much shorter life spans than their counterparts and are never allowed to give birth and have their own calves. Anyway – not here to lecture but those are just some of the multitude of reasons to make the swap wherever you can.

This delicious “mylk” (plant based milk) is very easy to make and we enjoy it as a filling snack or as a breakfast on the go. You can change the texture according to you and your families tastes (We like ours thick) and its a great way to add superfood powders, protein and even probiotic powders into your kids diet. Plus – telling your kids they are having chocolate milk for breakfast sounds kind of cool 🙂 If your kids are fussy maybe add a bit of honey to make it sweeter and then slowly wean them off. Both my boys are super sensitive to sweet stuff as we eat so little of it so its perfectly fine for them.

A decent blender or Nutribullet type gadget is essential here….


1 lt filtered water

150g cashews

Handful of soft or soaked dates (pitted)

2 tbsp raw cacao powder (or coco powder)

Pinch sea salt

Vanilla extract

Handful crushed Ice

You can add a scoop of plain protein here like pea or rice – or a tsp of probiotic powder (I like Metagenics – )



Chuck everything in a blender and blend till smooth and lump free (don’t be shy here – it might take a while) – serve it up in a pretty glass.