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Aliya’s Vibrant Life

“I’m a dedicated food enthusiast and consultant based in Cape Town, specialising. I want to inspire you to cook better, feel better and live better”

Aliya Mazandarani


Forging a balance between passion and practicality, I moved from marketing to health by gaining a Naturopathy and Nutritional Diploma, becoming a therapist. My culinary skills flourished on 'Masterchef UK', leading me back to South Africa to work in health food and eventually run successful cooking classes and events, earning acclaim in Taste Magazine.


Raised by my grandmother who expressed love through cooking, I’ve embraced her culinary passion. As a busy, health-conscious parent seeking reconnection with the earth and ingredient integrity, I prioritize the provenance of the food I prepare for my family, regarding it as a form of meditation and an act of care for health and planet alike.

My Food

I embrace the balance in cooking, focusing on nourishing meals that deliver both nutrition and pleasure, rather than labeling foods as simply “healthy.” A satisfying meal, sometimes even chocolate cake shared with a friend, is vital. I value the visual appeal of food and its variety of flavors and textures.

Cooking and Dining Experiences

I conduct Persian and Middle-Eastern cooking classes in Bree Street, advertised on social media, accommodating up to 16 people. Occasionally, I host banquet-style events celebrating Persian culture. While I don’t cater professionally, I’m open to special event collaborations. My culinary journey also includes food styling, leading to my work in the internationally published “Good to Glow” book. Over the last 8 years, I’ve honed my skills in food photography, styling, and shooting all website photographs myself.