Nude Foods – Plastic Free Grocery

If you like me, are truly fed up (and rather disgusted) with all the plastic waste that you have to throw away or recycle after grocery shopping then you will be THRILLED with the discovery of Nude foods. I do my best to shop at markets and diligently recycle but there are some things that I can’t find in anything other than a plastic packet and its super frustrating. As I keep everything in glass jars and containers at home it doesn’t make sense to cut open a plastic packet and dispense it into said glass jar and just throw the plastic packet away.

I first heard about Nude foods a few weeks ago on social media but as with all new things it took me a few weeks to process the idea and make a plan to shop there. The address says Zonnebloem but it really is closer to town in the funky up-and-coming area surrounding Harrington street. Cape Town is mushrooming with funky, innovative and delicious places to visit and this area has gone crazy in the last year. Nude is around the corner from Charley’s bakery so there is plenty of parking, although you may not get a spot right outside the shop itself. Not only is has the heritage building been restored beautifully but the design and aesthetics of the place lend themselves well to the ethos of living simply and rightfully.

I know it seems a strange thing to mention but I was struck by the familiar and very comforting scent in the store that I got in wholefoods and other decent health food grocery stores. It’s a mix of the malty smell of the grains and also the organic scent of exposed fruit and vegetables and is truly lovely. The owner Paul mentioned that I wasn’t the first person to point out this either so I am definitely not nuts.

You can basically get all your cleaning materials, dry goods, nuts, nut butters, pasta, dried fruit and other yummies including Kombucha on tap. If you don’t bring your own glass jars and containers they have biodegradable brown paper bags which are very easy to use and won’t harm the environment but you can also buy glass container there too. The ambiance and feel of the place is light and inspiring and I have yet to see such a fabulous selections of grains, legumes and flours in Cape Town. There are also some nice healthy treats and sweets to munch on and Paul is helpful and knowledgeable on everything in store including excellent charcoal water filters and diatomaceous earth (google it).

From spices to olive oil, and dried fruits to eco-friendly toilet paper Nude has it all!

These dispensers made me feel as though I was in a candy shop! YAY!

Believe me when I say that grinding your own nut butter is INSANE and by FAR the best tasting almond butter I have EVER had.

I am in love with these bowl covers from a local initiative called Spaza store and was stoked to find them at Nude. Not only are they exquisite to look at but they keep food fresh without plastic covering and they also make great gifts!

Meet Paul. Paul is busy saving the planet with plastic free living – lets be more like Paul.

Paul, one of the owners who chooses a vegan lifestyle has had a wholesale lifes change over the last 5 years, moving down from Johannesburg and out of corporate life into doing something that makes his heart and mind sing.

I had some time to pick Paul’s lovely brains and here is what he said:

1) What gave you the idea to start a plastic free shopping experience?

The idea was born from my personal frustration with excessive amount of single use plastic and other packaging that many of the health foods and staple goods are packaged in. Also –I felt there was a need to be able to buy pantry staples and other wholefoods in bulk or by weight. The result was NUDE FOODS.

2) Do you think Cape Town is ready for it?

Yes absolutely. Like myself – many Capetonians are fed-up with over packaged goods, as well as exorbitantly priced whole foods.  

3) Why did you pick the spot you are located off Harrington st?

It is fast becoming the hive for creatively and innovation in Cape Town. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners in the area creating a wonderful community. There is a spirit of camaraderie and support. The area has a funky yet edgy energy – and is growing in popularity.

4) What has been your biggest challenge so far?

We are not just trying to eliminate single use plastic in our store, but also along our supply chain. This has probably proven our greatest challenge so far. We have needed to educate suppliers on what we are trying to do, and to then find a solution for us both that eliminates as much unnecessary waste as possible.

5) How do you stay sane?

Yoga, mountain and beach (not necessarily in that order 🙂

6) What are your future hopes and plans for Nude?

We will be launching an online offering later in the year, offering plastic-free home deliveries and are opening our second store in Newlands in May.

AMEN to that peeps!! Vote with your bucks and get down to Nude Foods – lets give those large corporate businesses that are mindlessly churning out single use plastic a run for their money. Let’s be the change we want to see!

And this was what I left with 🙂 as you can see not much to dispose of and an awesome bread bag to keep my bread from the market fresh.

You can find Nude Foods at 5 Constitution street, Zonnebloem and here: