April 25, 2019

Fesenjaan – Chicken in a Pomegranate & Walnut sauce

Ingredients – Serves 4 (2 pieces of chicken each) 8 pieces of skinless chicken – thighs on the bone work best 200g Walnut halves (best quality […]
February 28, 2019

Almond, Rose & Orange Biscuits

I guess this recipe is closer to a florentine than a biscuit – but as it is neither I had to make a choice between the […]
February 14, 2019

Breakfast – the Iranian way

Lots of people ask me when I run my Persian cooking courses what a traditional breakfast in Iran might look like so I decided to post […]
December 19, 2018

Rose & Walnut Baklava

The origins of this sumptuous flaky, buttery and aromatic delicacy are quite controversial, and very much up for debate as it is not very well documented. […]
November 29, 2018

Muhallabia – Fragrant Rice Milk Pudding

I am not quite sure anything else evokes memories of my childhood more than this fragrant and exotic rice milk pudding. It was hands down my […]
November 22, 2018

Sabzi Kuku – Green Herb Frittata

Omelettes are often a forgotten meal – which is such a shame as they are so easy to make (my 13 year old is becoming an […]
September 5, 2018

Whole Orange Cake (Gluten & Dairy Free)

This classic Passover dessert draws on the Sephardic traditions of the Mediterranean, Morocco and the Middle East. In this recipe whole oranges are boiled for two […]
August 10, 2018

A Fishy Business

When I first found out about Gareth’s & Calvin’s new business venture I knew I wanted to do a little story on them and spread the […]
August 7, 2018

Prawn & Saffron Risotto

This is my favourite risotto hands down and the addition of these huge juicy prawns from Caught Online just took it to another level. Good quality […]
July 25, 2018

Apricot & Lemon Morrocan Chicken

Fewer dishes please me more than this one and I have made it more times than I care to mention. It is hands-down one of my […]
June 14, 2018

Saffron & Prawn Fish Pie

Fewer foodie things offer more comfort then soft fluffy mash with a wholesome hearty filling, and with winter here and an apparent cold front with plenty […]
May 17, 2018

Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup

Soup is considered to be as old as the history of cooking and in times when food was scarce, dumping various ingredients into a pot to […]
May 11, 2018

Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookie – Gluten Free

  I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like a chocolate chip cookie. Literally. No one. Especially not any kids. Now what if I told […]
April 18, 2018

Beetroot with Mint & Yoghurt

Beetroots only seem to appear on menus these days roasted or pickled and whilst I adore them in both these forms there are plenty of other […]
April 12, 2018

Peach, Blueberry & Almond Frangipane Cake

This has got to be one of my all time favourite go to desserts or treats. It’s so versatile and lends itself so well to all […]
April 9, 2018

Pear & Ginger Sticky Toffee Tea Cake (Vegan)

Quite a hefty title for such a simple cake 🙂 After trying this recipe out several times I believe it now to be PERFECT! You don’t […]
January 19, 2018

Lentil & Herb Stuffed Vine Leaves (Dolmas)

Dolmas epitomise everything I love about Mediterranean food. Simple peasant-style fare that is often made using left-overs from other dishes in order not to waste, but […]
December 6, 2017

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

One of my best tips to creating really tasty flavoursome and wholesome dishes during the busy week is to always make sure you have some decent […]