August 10, 2019

Winter Vegetable Tagine

Nothing beats winter comfort food for me more than a fragrant spiced Moroccan vegetable tagine. It’s bowl food that can be simply eaten on its own […]
August 8, 2019

Persian Love Cake

This cake is one of the most fragrant and elegant that I have ever made and every time I make it again I am always reminded […]
August 4, 2019

Roasted Carrot & Harissa Mezze

My recent trip to Morocco reminded me how much I love the way the Moroccans eat and how naturally healthy their food is. Lots of vegetables […]
July 25, 2019

Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

These delectably spiced, soft and cloud like pancakes filled with butternut squash are (believe it or not!) originally from a northern area of Iran called Gilān. […]
July 12, 2019

Saffron & Orange Blossom Ice Cream “Bastani”

The Persians introduced ice cream and a few other icy desserts to the Arabs after their invasion of Iran. Ice cream itself reached Europe by way […]
June 29, 2019

Borani Esfenaaj – Spinach with yoghurt & walnuts

This is one of two of my favourite yoghurt dish accompaniments to serve with Persian banquet style feasting. However, as I mention below, you can easily […]
June 14, 2019

Persian Rice with Tahdig & Zereshk

Fewer things remind me more of my grandmother Bibi Fadhila than “Tahdig” and the hillocks of fluffy buttery rice that accompany it. “Tahdig” or “Tahdigh” just […]
June 7, 2019

Kooftah Berenji – Persian Lamb & Rice Meatballs

These succulent spiced lamb meatballs are quite unusual as they are combined with split peas (chana dhal) and rice and then simmered lightly in a rich […]
May 31, 2019

Ghalieh Mahi – Persian Herbed Fish

Ghalieh Mahi is a fragrant fish dish that originates from the Caspian Sea region in Iran where fresh fish is abundant. It has an exciting piquant […]
April 25, 2019

Fesenjaan – Chicken in a Pomegranate & Walnut sauce

Ingredients – Serves 4 (2 pieces of chicken each) 8 pieces of skinless chicken – thighs on the bone work best 200g Walnut halves (best quality […]
February 28, 2019

Almond, Rose & Orange Biscuits

I guess this recipe is closer to a florentine than a biscuit – but as it is neither I had to make a choice between the […]
February 14, 2019

Breakfast – the Iranian way

Lots of people ask me when I run my Persian cooking courses what a traditional breakfast in Iran might look like so I decided to post […]
December 19, 2018

Rose & Walnut Baklava

The origins of this sumptuous flaky, buttery and aromatic delicacy are quite controversial, and very much up for debate as it is not very well documented. […]
November 29, 2018

Muhallabia – Fragrant Rice Milk Pudding

I am not quite sure anything else evokes memories of my childhood more than this fragrant and exotic rice milk pudding. It was hands down my […]
November 22, 2018

Sabzi Kuku – Green Herb Frittata

Omelettes are often a forgotten meal – which is such a shame as they are so easy to make (my 13 year old is becoming an […]
September 5, 2018

Whole Orange Cake (Gluten & Dairy Free)

This classic Passover dessert draws on the Sephardic traditions of the Mediterranean, Morocco and the Middle East. In this recipe whole oranges are boiled for two […]
August 10, 2018

A Fishy Business

When I first found out about Gareth’s & Calvin’s new business venture I knew I wanted to do a little story on them and spread the […]
August 7, 2018

Prawn & Saffron Risotto

This is my favourite risotto hands down and the addition of these huge juicy prawns from Caught Online just took it to another level. Good quality […]