My Food

I love making nutritious flavour packed food that looks fantastic.”

Aliya Mazandarani

Packed with flavour and fragrant is how I would describe my food. It also happens to be always healthy, although my focus is on abundance and flavour, not how healthy I can make it. I just cook food that NOURISHES me. I love the word NOURISH because it says more about how the food makes you feel than just how nutrient dense it is.

I don’t believe in fad diets or strange practices. We eat both Wheat and Dairy in my home; however, I use the best quality non-GMO stone-ground flour from a source I trust and only use milk in my coffee or in small quantities. Mostly because I care about the poor cows who live very short, unhappy lives being hooked up to equipment their whole existence. I do not eat processed foods and cook almost everything from scratch. I always approach my meal from the perspective of how much nutrition and deliciousness I can pack in. And I also consider how it will all look together on the plate – after all, digestion begins with your eyes.