Family Consulting

Let me help you and your family get back on track! Often we know that we need to do but we feel at a loss as to how to implement changes and execute them so they become part of our lifestyle. This is often to do with planning and organisation along with some insider information on the best ways to source and prepare the best ingredients.

This is a totally bespoke service and only after a telephone (or Skype) consultation (which I am happy to offer free of charge) can I establish what process we may need to follow. This will be presented to you via email and we can then set up appointments to work together at times that are convenient to you and your family. You may have a very picky eater in your home or have someone who has special dietary requirements that you are struggling to manage – or you simply want to refine your family's eating habits and practices..
This may involve the following:

  • Family food diary assessment
  • Home visit with kitchen and equipment assessment.
  • Weekly menu plans and meal suggestions
  • Shopping lists and contact details for quality product sourcing.
  • Follow up and hand holding through the process.

I am a big believer in families eating together, as this is very much a part of what will develop your children’s relationship with food moving forward. Whilst this is sometimes not possible this is something we will look to work towards at every opportunity.


Want to know what to expect from my Family Consulting?
Read below what my clients have to say about me.

I consulted with Aliya at a time when I was feeling at war with my body and I knew I had to find a healthier way of eating. Not dieting (too old for that!) but a workable way of changing what I put in my mouth and my relationship with food.

My consultation was extensive, Aliya asked a lot of questions, not just about the food I ate but about my lifestyle. What I appreciated the most is that I wasn’t bombarded with “do’s and don’ts” and there were definitely no faddy diets or eating plans involved. Asking me to keep a food diary for several days was an eye-opener for me and based on that, she made very practical suggestions to begin to change what I eat, helping me to understand the impact of certain food on my body. Aliya’s nutritional knowledge is extensive and she is constantly researching and keeping up to date with developments in the field of nutrition. I loved that she took me as an individual into account when making her recommendations.

Her advice was sound, with lots of great food tips to back it up. I left feeling motivated to make the changes I needed to and that Aliya cared as much about my well-being as I did!

- Daina -