My Philosophy

I have loved cooking and creating beautiful food since I was too small to reach the counter top. My Middle Eastern Grandmother, Bibi, who lived with us was up early every morning to start preparing the day’s food (yes, we had a large family – 10 kids in all!) and she has been much of my inspiration. She treated ingredients with love and care and gave much of her time to producing the fragrant wholesome dishes we all loved. Food was her love language and it’s without a doubt mine too! I loved to spend time with her and watch her stuff vine leaves and onions and rub spices into meat and chop mountains of fresh herbs. Still to this day I am in my happiest space when I am preparing meals for people I love.
Of course times have changed and we live a different paced life. We work longer hours and are less connected with the Earth and where our food comes from. In my journey to better health, life and food, I have found that much of my progress has been made as I re-ignite this connection and have more respect for my ingredients and where they come from. Part of the move into a better universe of health has been in taking a much more “conscious” approach to living. Caring about where my food comes from, how it’s been processed and packaged, and who is selling it to me, are all just as important to me as the nutritional content of the food. I believe everything is connected in this way and that if I care about my health – I have to care about my planet too, not forgetting the example I am setting for my two boys – Noah & Joseph. They are after all the next generation of guardians of our world
My goal with this Blog (in a sea of foodie blogginess) is to do things simply, rightly, with much thought and care, and give all those on the same journey a “blueprint” of healthy eating and tips that will just become part of their lives. This is food for your whole family – because eating together is definitely something I believe to be sacred. What I won’t do is use crazy weird ingredients that you can’t find easily or post ridiculously finicky recipes that take days to prepare. I will even throw in some musings and ramblings to keep you smiling in-between 😉 Most of all I want us to enjoy this journey together and share the daily challenges we all face in just trying to be our best! Lastly: a note to say how much I LOVE food and eating! That sounds like a strange statement to make –or maybe a rather obvious one – but I don’t think there are many moments when I don’t have food on my mind – from new flavour combinations to taste sensations. And it’s pretty much always accompanied by the thought of who can I share it with. Seeing people enjoy my food is one of the best feelings – especially family and close friends… such a privilege! I hope you enjoy!