Pea Pancakes

This is an adaptation of a recipe from a healthy food cafe in Australia that I had to prepare and shoot for a cookery book I helped produce last year (see pic below) but I can’t tell you how many times I have made it since then! I have changed the recipe quantities to improve the texture (well to my taste) and added mint because I feel it really adds to the overall flavour. You could add chilli and coriander instead for an asian style vibe too but I think the mint & spring onion works really well.

Pea Pancake cooked & styled for Good to Glow shot by Patrycia Lukas

The best thing is my boys absolutely LOVE them, and they not only make a great breakfast but also a healthy snack, simple lunch or light supper too. You can also change up what you serve them with and I have often served them with smoked trout or salmon and creme fraiche amongst other things and they are so easy to make as you are just throwing everything into the food processor and blending.

They are not only packed with protien & fibre but also the most fabulous green colour – so make sure you have a moderate heat and don’t burn them otherwise you lose that vibrant colour. I think they look just gorgeous!!

Makes 4-6 servings depending on how hungry you are 🙂


500 g peas (a bag of frozen will do)

small bunch of spring onion choppedHandful chopped mint leaves

2/3 cup gluten-free cornflour.

2 eggs.

Salt & Pepper


Serve with:

4 poached or soft boiled eggs.

Smoked Salmon & Creme fraiche

Cottage cheese or feta & avo

Freshly chopped tomato or tomato salsa

I made half the amount here so that’s why you only see 1 egg!



Blanch peas for 30 seconds in boiling water, strain and cool.

In a food processor add blanched peas, onion, cornflour, mint and 2 eggs. Blend until fully incorporated and leave to stand for 5 mins (You could also do this the day before and leave the batter in the fridge).

In a non stick pan add coconut or olive oil and heat to a moderate temp.

Spoon about 1/3 cup into your hand and pat into a patty shape delicately and place in the pan, you can add about 4 to a large fry pan.

Flip over each one and they should be a green/golden brown colour. Repeat with the left over pea mix.

Garnish your pea pancakes however you like, with a fresh herb and feta salad, avocado and a poached or soft boiled egg or smoked salmon.

You can keep leftover cooked pancakes in the fridge for a snack later and I have even made mini versions and served them up as canape’s at a party with sour cream and smoked salmon 🙂

These will become a regular breakfast treat – promise!