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As children, we are told many untruths that are expected to serve as mantras for how we approach life. Weirdly enough we carry those misnomers through to adulthood and regurgitate them fervently to our own children. One of my favourites is “Never Judge a Book by its cover”, which is the contrary to another favourite “First impressions count” (personally I back the latter not the former). However, there are times when the first refrain certainly comes to the fore in my mind and a recent visit to Homage on Loop street was one of those occasions. Cape Town is brimming with interesting little cavities and pot holes of exciting and well curated foodie experiences and nothing seems to be stemming the tide of all these little gems popping up. Who would have thought we are entering a recession? Trust me – I am not complaining, just as I think I have ticked off every box another three appears on my list. Anyone who said they are bored of eating out in Cape Town must have a nose longer than Pinocchio.

I am passionate about urban renewal so to see this old Victorian building fully renovated into to what is a warm and energetic space paying homage to simple ingredients of outstanding quality gave me great warm fuzzy feelings. I have whizzed past many times on the Vespa and often thought what an elegant building it is, certainly worthy of some care and attention. I also love the fact that the outside façade hints at nothing of the welcoming and uplifting interior and its impossible not to smile as you enter and see how the space has been transformed.

Personally, I a big fan of large plates of uncomplicated, down-to-earth homecooked food – throw in a woodfired oven and it makes me even more contented. There is something undoubtedly primal about roasting, cooking and warming in a woodfired oven and the flavours that develop in that cooking process are unique. The fact that this large fire & kitchen is central to the entire space makes sense and the different dining spaces also offer contrasting environments to eat in. I loved the conservatory/atrium style dining area at the back and despite all the aqua furnishings and clean walls and lines the exposed brick, plants and velvet seating have managed to create a homely and genial feeling. These covered courtyard style areas are very clever and make the most of the available space.

I also appreciate restaurants that don’t give me 100’s of options and emancipate me from the burden of choice. You would really be happy with anything on the menu here…. It’s all LUSH.

This is the Homage “Earth Plate” – showcasing all the side dishes you can choose from and makes a substantial meal in itself – and perfect as a vegetarian option.

One of the most beautiful salads I have seen in Cape Town – enormous plate of crispy veggies with a sprinkle of seeds and feta.

The Chicken Main course, succulent and well flavoured.

The Salmon Main Course Dish had an oriental marinade, was cooked to perfection and served with a spinach and shitake mushroom salad.

So many fresh and crisp raw ingredients!

My only complaint/comment/observance is that the wine list could do with a little more creativity. All the usual suspects were present and I had truly thought the age of Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir Chardonnay was over, but I guess if it’s not broken – then don’t fix it!

What’s even more enthusing is that you can enjoy evenings with live music some Fridays and Saturdays and following Homage on social media will ensure you don’t miss out on these specially curated soirees’. It really is a terrific space and I can definitely see it being a recurrent lunch spot for me, plus the prices are level-headed for casual every day type dining. Take your friends along and pay Homage for yourself.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Makes me want to jump on a plane! Love you style, special lady x

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