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I want to inspire you to cook better, feel better and live better! Good food is central to experiencing a joyful, long and healthy life and it brings us all together, to share in the same experience. My qualifications in Naturopathy and Nutritional therapy have helped me understand better how food works to heal our bodies but it’s really my experience of over 15 years of working with individuals and families that have helped me help others the most. My Middle Eastern and Scandinavian heritage has infused a mixture of complex aromatic flavours in my food and combined it with simplicity. My extensive travels around the world have also given me a very broad exposure to the different ways in which we enjoy food and use spices and flavour and I feel that’s it’s all of these facets that have shaped my food.

My ethos centres on family cooking and feasting together, enjoying the same healthy and fresh food. When I am not in the kitchen, I am out and about sharing my knowledge, writing articles on wellness and nutrition, and motivating friends and wider circle to live, eat, and move better.

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My Food

Packed with flavour and nourishing is how I would describe my food. I don’t believe in fads or “super foods” – I believe that all food is super, and that food should by its very nature nourish you – or it doesn’t qualify as “food”. I love the word NOURISH because it says more about how the food makes you feel than just how nutrient dense it is. Sometimes the most nourishing plate of food is a slice of chocolate cake shared with a friend 😊

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My Philosophy

I have loved cooking and creating beautiful food since I was too small to reach the counter top. My Middle Eastern Grandmother, Bibi, who lived with us was up early every morning to start preparing the day’s food (yes, we had a large family – 10 kids in all!) and she has been much of my inspiration....

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Let me help your family

I am what they call “a feeder” and nothing gives me more joy than to feed my two gorgeous, happy boys, Noah & Joseph, and my most wonderful man – who are so appreciative of my efforts to nourish them. Mealtimes are my favourite times together and I love seeing how these two boys are developing more complex palettes and how their love of food and interest in its origins is growing daily.

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